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Core Brands

William Grant’s vision was to make the best dram in the valley, and it stands true today as we build brands that are loved the world over.
On Christmas Day 1963, our first distillation of Grant's Scotch Whisky took place

When Sandy and Charles Grant Gordon launched Glenfiddich globally in the 1960s, they changed the whisky world forever.

Until then, consumers around the world were used to drinking blended whisky. But the great grandsons of our founder, William Grant, were so proud of our signature malt, they made the bold decision to promote its virtues over blends.

Displaying the same pioneering spirit as their forefathers, the brothers bottled the whisky in our groundbreaking triangular bottle, labelled it ‘straight malt’ and ran a number of advertising campaigns in the USA, Europe and Africa.

Its single malt heritage and Scottish origins proved a big success, thereby giving birth to a new whisky category. Over time, the term ‘single malt’ gained prominence.  Find out more here.