The Cutlery Polisher

The Cutlery Polisher Company

Keeping costs low is paramount in the current climate, our polishers greatly reduce the labour intensive task of hand polishing whilst sanitising & removing all viruses.

It takes time, especially if you want consistent and impressive results and it’s expensive. Count the hours, add the cost of polishing cloths, washing and drying costs AND you have less time to focus on core business. Restaurants are busy and fast paced environments. With a model to suit every environment, our cutlery polishers have been designed to specifically remove the costs and associated time constraints of hand polishing cutlery to a fine standard.

We match the polisher to the dishwasher enabling a flow of washed to polished cutlery in the same process.  It is cheaper to rent a cutlery polisher for a whole day than have an under 18 or apprentice polish your cutlery for 1 hour.