Glasgow Beer Works Claimed

Microbrews from Scotland’s Biggest City.

The individuality of the city is in everything we do, and we craft each of our beers to be as unique as its inspiration. We’re proud to source Scottish and local ingredients as often as we can, and use them to give you our take on traditional styles, as well as treat you to something entirely new.

From our award-winning, classic Core Range beers to the experimentation in styles and exploration in flavour of our Pilot Batch Series and our special Barrel Aged brews, we’ve got something to suit your palate.

 Core Range

Our Core Range is our selection of the tried and true styles you love and they’re available for purchase all year long.

Beer Garden

Swing by and have a pint with the Big Yin! The Glasgow Beer Works Beer Garden is back.

Our Pop-Up Beer Garden takes up residence beneath John Byrne’s Billy Connolly mural off of Osborne Street, spread across large shipping containers repurposed into an open, outdoor bar space with socially distant seating.

As well as Glasgow Beer Works on tap, our bar will feature a range of independent craft producers with beer, cider, wine, spirits and more! Our Pop Up makes supporting local small businesses a priority, with street food offerings from various vendors.


Q Where is Glasgow Beer Works brewed?

You can find our brewery in Glasgow at Unit 2 of Block 23 at the Queenslie Industrial Estate.

Q When was Glasgow Beer Works created?

Beer Works began life as Merchant City Brewing Co in 2017 with the original idea to create a brewpub style venue in the space where our beer garden is now located. The opportunity to purchase a larger than anticipated brew kit along meant that our plans changed and we opened as a fully-fledged craft brewery instead.

During the summer of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we moved to our new brewing premises at Queenslie Park in Glasgow’s east end. The move saw us add new canning and bottling facilities with a view to offering contract services to other brewers. This expansion project, along with opening our beer garden in the city centre, provided us with the opportunity to rebrand completely as Glasgow Beer Works.

We feel that Glasgow Beer Works better represents us and what we want for the business as a brewery, venue and industry service provider.

Q Do you have tours of the brewery

Currently we don’t operate any tours in our brewery, but we are looking into new ways to open up craft brewing experience to our customers. The best place to see GBW in action is our pop-up beer garden that runs over summer in Glasgow city centre.

Q Can I come by the brewery to buy beers?

If it’s safe to do so, we’d be happy for you to come by the brewery to collect your beers. Please do give us a call at 0141 774 9930 or email us at in advance to check that we are able to safely accommodate you.

Q What beers do you brew?

Our core range of year-round brews are our Pilsner Lager, American Pale Ale, New Worls IPA, and West Coast IPA. We also have seasonal, limited and one-off beers that we brew throughout the year in our Pilot Batch series and Cask Aged range. The styles of these vary and we’re always looking to brew something new!

Q Are your beers vegetarian/vegan?

Because our beers are unfined, they are all vegetarian and vegan

Q Are your beers gluten free and do they contain allergens?

All of our beers all contain gluten and are not recommended for those who are gluten intolerant. They all contain malted barley and wheat, hops and yeast, as well as some other additions depending on the style – the ingredient list can be found on the back label of each of our beers.

However, while our Pilsner Lager’s label does note that it contains barley, its gluten content comes in below the threshold of 20 parts per million of gluten, making it gluten free according to that standard.

Q Why do you bottle and can your beer?

Like most breweries, initially we only bottled our beer but have since made the move to canning our brews as well. We bottle our core range and some of our Pilot Batch beers, such as our 2019 Cask Aged series. We can all of our beer (save for our 2019 Cask Aged series) as we believe cans are fantastic at storing and serving our beer in the condition we’d like it presented. The cans are far less likely to smash or get damaged during shipping and they protect the beer completely from sunlight as well as help keep oxygen out of the beer due to the airtight seal. We recommend you try some of our beer in cans!