ChargePoint Network (UK) Ltd.

Making Electric Easy For Everyone

Someone plugs in every 2 seconds

For more than a decade, we’ve been building the fuelling network of the future. Now, someone plugs into the ChargePoint network every 2 seconds. We’ve delivered more places to charge than anyone else, and people count on us for charging all day, every day.

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge with one account
  • 92 million charges delivered (and counting)
  • 60% of Fortune 50 companies are ChargePoint customers
  • 175 partners amplify our efforts

EV charging is all we do, and we do it all

Passenger cars, delivery vehicles, buses and more — we charge any EV, anywhere it goes. We’ve built a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support with the best technology in the industry.

  • All hardware is UL and CE certiied for safety
  • Our mobile app and home charger have top ratings
  • We’ve formed quality, reliability and test teams in-house
  • EV drivers around the world count on us for support, 24/7
  • Growing patent portfolio and 20+ awards for our technology (from World Economic Forum, Goldman Sachs, Electrek, CNBC and more)

By EV drivers, for EV drivers

When we started more than a decade ago, there weren’t any mainstream EVs to charge (yet). These days, we charge all of the models that are out on the streets. And we drive a lot of them ourselves, too. Because EV charging isn’t just our business. It’s our passion.

  • We’re 100% focused on EV charging and know it better than anyone else
  • Our solutions are designed and tested by people who drive electric (over 200 EV drivers at our headquarters alone)
  • More than 70 ChargePointers have been working on electric mobility with us for 5+ years — and 11 for over a decade
  • The entire ChargePoint leadership team drives electric

Building a Brighter Future

We’ve already built the largest EV charging network, with the best technology (and people). But we’re not stopping there.  We’re all in on electric mobility, to build a brighter future for all of us.

  • 387 K tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • First EV charging provider to be ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency
  • Awards for environmental achievement from United Nations, Global Cleantech, Climate Change Business Journal, Acterra and more

Nobody else has done what we have.