3R Telecom

EPoS and Merchant Solutions

Established in 2001, three independent retailers joined together to form 3R Telecom Ltd, becoming one of the largest distributors of Prepaid Mobile Top-up vouchers and International calling cards. The key to our ongoing success has been the determination to cherish relationships with our customers, developing a friendship rather than a working relationship, and working alongside you at each stage providing you with high levels of support and guidance.

With a network of retailers across the UK, we continue to provide ongoing Merchant Service Solutions and pioneering development to help our retailers with growth, regardless of the size of the development. The company has an excellent reputation for customer services, speaking most of the languages used by retailers, fast and efficient deployment, and the best commission rates on the market. As well as having a variety of payment method options, we are keen to develop strategic alliances with buying groups, suppliers and developing new markets.

As we understand that no two businesses are the same and many have different needs, we believe the key to our success is the result of providing a service that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the retailer. To begin with, we want to know your needs and what you require; as your business is unique compared to others. We like to stay in continuous contact to help you along the way to a successful outcome to ensure all your needs have been fulfilled.